Varun L.

Nikki and her team are extremely professional, thorough, and have great insight into the bay area market. She and her team are very prompt and answered all our questions. She was very flexible to work with our schedules and was extremely punctual to meet at the different houses we saw. She would send us a lot of different houses to looks at and as she learns from the choices we give her and will learn from our selections to give us more appropriate houses to look at. We would also share the houses that we liked and she would work to show them to us. She was very accessible and would answer our questions any time of the day. As first-time home buyers, we were pretty nervous but she made us feel very comfortable. She was very thorough thru the closing process and gave us all the information beforehand and made the process very smooth. She also helped arrange for other things including cleaners, carpet cleaners, movers, and things that would need to be fixed/repaired and contacts for people who could help with those items. She and her team also helped arrange the inspections for Home, termite, etc. for us. Having seen a lot of houses and agents, I would definitely tell there was a lot of difference between Nikki’s team and the other agents we interacted with. Nikki and her team were awesome in short.

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