Sandy B.

Nikki helped my husband and I purchase our First Home. She was extremely helpful and easy to work with through the steps of our buying process. We made two offers with two other Homes with her before we were able to get our adorable home. all through this she was very patient, worked very hard and always gave us hope in this crazy competitive market. We are so grateful to have met and worked with Nikki as she is an Amazing Realtor and goes above and beyond. We bought our first home within 21 days! it was an exciting moment for us as we were so lucky to not have any delays. Nikki also has great staff and connections to some good lenders. If you need info on a lender Ask Nikki! and if you want to buy or sell your home. I highly recommend Nikki. I wish you all the best in your Home buying/ selling process ! Thanks so much for everything Nikki!

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