The Final Walk Through

You will hear this term quite a few times during the home buying process. This will be on the escrow calendar our team provides to you when you enter into contract, and you will hear your agent talk about the walkthrough towards the end of the escrow process. The final walk through is the time for you and your agent to verify the property is in the same condition as it was when you first viewed and wrote an offer on the home. Your agent will advise you on when the walkthrough will occur, but it will normally happen roughly 5 days before the closing date on your home.

We’ll be walking you through what the final walk through looks like when you complete one with an agent from the Nikki Miller Team. While your job as the buyer is to physically walk through the home, our agents are trained to guide you as to what to look for.

The Walk Through:  You will walk around the home with your agent to address anything that has materially changed. These include major defects or harm done to the home since you first viewed it. You’ll also ensure the items that were included in the contract (i.e washer/dryer, backyard items, etc.)  are still present on the property.

Things to look for

  1. Any major harm done to the home during the move out process.

We are talking gaping holes, windows broken and other extremely obvious problematic items.

  1. Ensuring that anything that was agreed to be left with the home by the seller in the contract is still there.

As mentioned above this could include a washer and dryer, any items in the backyard (fountains, drip systems, play structures) and other items that may have been agreed upon.

While the final walk through is certainly a time for you to look at your soon to be new home to ensure it is still in the same condition as when you first saw it – it is not a time to nitpick small items.

Things NOT to look for during a final walk through

  1. Small nail holes.


  1. Small scratches

Small scratches are likely to happen when the sellers move their furniture out of the home. While large gashes in walls are certainly a problem, small scrapes and scratches (whether on the floor or walls) are not something to note.

  1. Trash/Debris

Within reason, some dirt and dust is to be expected. Factors that play into this include: the house being vacant for a while, vendors going in and out of the home and moving furniture that likely hasn’t been moved for a while. However, if there is excessive trash and debris remaining at the home this may be of concern.

While the final walk through is an extremely exciting event (you are in the home stretch of the escrow process!), it is also an important time to take a last look around the home before you are officially the homeowner. If you have any questions about the final walk through or any other appointment during the escrow process – be sure to let our team know so we can answer any questions you might have.

Until next time, Work Hard and Be Nice To People.