The Nikki Miller Team’s Green Thumb

Hey there, it’s Devany Roberts with the Nikki Miller Team. As the designated “green thumb” on our team and with May flowers in full bloom and Summer right around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite tips to take your home garden to the next level.

If you don’t have a garden, no worries! They are easy to start and are able to be catered to each unique living space– whether it be flowers, or edible produce – a garden adds a personal and fun touch to liven up any space. Trust me, you don’t need anything resembling the amazing Victorian gardens, just a few plants, a little dirt and some sunshine will do!

  1. Start with small pops of color.

This will brighten up any space in no time! Some of our favorite and easy flowers to plant to instantly add in some color are:


Nikki Miller Begonias

-Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’

  1. Utilize Creepers.  

Sounds weird, we know. We promise we are still talking about plants. Usually these plants are used for larger spaces since they creep around, think floor vines. These are also very low maintenance. However, we must warn you, that if you do not keep an eye on them, they might take over into spaces that you do not want them to go!

Some of our favorite ‘floor covering’ plants include:

-Lambs Ears

-Blue Star Creeper

-Creeping Phlox



We are a huge fan of these little guys, durable, cool looking and fun to pop into any bare corner! Also great for those of us who don’t exactly excel in the gardening department, succulents require very little care and maintenance. Think the self-cleaning oven of the plant world.

  1. Pots.

Like we mentioned before, pots are a great way to add some additional color or an added personal touch! Plant just about anything inside of it and watch them flourish.

  1. Plant your own food.

How cool would it be to walk in your garden and grab some fresh produce? Super cool right?! (Well, we think so.) We have grown heirloom tomatoes, zucchini and many of herbs which are all pretty easy to navigate. Just be sure that they have enough sunlight and room to grow and that you are using organic, top grade soil! Remember that what you grow your plants in matter – you will be eating them!

Here’s to your growth!

As Always, Work Hard and Be Nice To People.