Moving can be a tedious chore. Aside from packing all of your valuables, looking for a reliable moving company and managing pets and kids throughout the entire move, you also have to come up with ideas on how to decorate and store items This is especially important because how you organize your personal items upon moving in will affect the usability of space and your overall aesthetic over time. If you want to start off on the right foot, consider the following tips below to make your new house feel like home.

Keep it clean

We provide our clients with deep cleaning services upon moving in. Nothing is more important than a true deep move in clean to ensure that every drawer, cabinet and corner are free of dust and grime that will only continue to accumulate once furniture is place and cabinets are filled.

Add extra light
There are many ways to do this, either through adding lamps or recessed lighting. Your home will look brightest without furniture and once you’re fully moved in you may need to add more. Think before your furniture is installed whether you may enjoy brighter rooms so you can install lighting without the headache of working around personal items.

Removing items from the walls and moving around furniture when you’re ready to paint is such a pain! If you’re thinking of freshening up the paint, do it before you move in. Make sure to check the colors you are choosing in both natural and fluorescent light.

Less Is More
Are you as obsessed as we are with the Marie Kondo “does it bring you joy” movement? Moving is a chance to de-clutter and start fresh without all the junk that can accumulate over time in a home. As an added bonus, more cluttered removed means less to move!

Need more moving tips? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us