Another year has passed and we begin again. Back to the first month of the New Year. Now is the time to set yourself up for success for the coming year. Here’s a few thing we recommend doing at the start of the year to set yourself up for success:

  1. Clean up your closet

– By sorting through your clothes and donating what you no longer need, you’ll start the  year off fresh and with less clutter .


  1. Paint or redecorate your home

– Maybe last year your theme was nautical and now you’re ready for something new. You can always redecorate your home and change wall colors and curtains to something that you know will set the tone for the new you.


  1. Jot down a fix-it list

–  We get it, the days and years go by fast! House parties here and there, guests from different places coming to visit, kids and their ever changing sports gear through each season. Before the busyness of the year sets in, jot down a fix it list and either set a day or hire a handyman (ask us for our recommendations!) to complete all the tasks in one day. This will make your home safer and more comfortable and may also prevent future more expensive and larger projects.


  1. Unsubscribe from one e-mail list that drives you nuts

–  We know how it goes, you subscribe to one site here and there and before you know it half of your emails are sales and promotions that are distracting and time consuming to filter through. Unregister from a few sites that drive you nuts and save your inbox (and your sanity).


  1. Schedule a guys/girls night out

–  Remember those friends you love that you couldn’t make time for last year through the busy schedules? Why not contact them and book a date (or better yet a few) throughout the year so life doesn’t get in the way of your spending time together.


  1. Book a dentist and doctor appointment

–  Book that yearly physical you’ve been putting off and the dentist appointment you need every six months. We know how important it is to regularly see the doctor and yet in the haze of our busy lives we skip our appointments and don’t make seeing the doctor a priority. Schedule it ahead of time so it’s already in your calendar!

There are lots of things you can jot down this first month so as not to miss them throughout the year. Put it in your calendar so as the days get busier you don’t miss the most important appointments!

As always, work hard and be nice to people.