As first time homebuyers moving into a super-competitive East Bay housing market, my wife and I were overwhelmed, intimidated and, frankly, lost on the home buying process. We had a realtor referral from a friend in the mortgage industry, but that realtor was slow to respond, super busy, and building a case that we would have to engage in a bidding war and pull contingencies if we wanted to get into a single family home. We were not excited. Enter Nikki. We met Nikki at an open house. She engaged us directly, asked all of the right questions and asked for our business. After a few meetings it was clear that Nikki was the right choice. She walked us step by step through the process, breaking down every contract, deadline and legal form into easy to understand language. But more importantly she did two things:

  1. ALWAYS picked up our call or called us back immediately, regardless of day or hour. She was fully engaged and available as we underwent the home buying process.
  2. Never pressured us beyond our budget or to pull contingencies. We knew it would take multiple offers before we would have one accepted, but Not only did Nikki not push us into bidding wars or waving contingencies, but she actively advised us to walk away from properties that would bid out of our budget, even when we were emotionally attached. She exhausted every avenue outside of $$$ to make us more attractive buyers, like shorter closing terms and personal letters. Even though it took multiple offers to get the property we wanted, we definitely the right decision in staying true to our budget and protecting ourselves with contingencies. Finally, Nikki went above and beyond for us during the closing process. We had had a Hawaiian vacation planned in the middle of our escrow…on short closing terms. Oops. Nikki covered for us on home inspections, repairs, closing our loan and, ultimately, home, on time. It could have been a disaster without her! My wife and I highly recommend Nikki as your realtor in the East Bay, especially if you are young first-time homebuyers.

–Dave and Erin M.